How Should Pogo Pins be Mated?

Why Pogo Pins should be mated vertically

A very common question we get is, if it is possible to mate pogo pins horizontally, by sliding the female part over the male connector. In this article we will explore, why pogo pins usually should not be mated horizontally, and which solutions exist to mate Pogo pins horizontally without damaging them.

The general recommendation for pogo pins is to mate them vertically to avoid damaging them.

Horizontal Mating

Pogo Pin at Full Compression

Verical Mating (recommended)


When sliding the female connector horizontally towards the pogo pin, the crimping edge of the barrel might get damaged. The plunger will be push sidewards, bending the crimping edge outwards. This can result into the plunger dropping out of the barrel.



Is it possible to mate a pogo pin horizontally?

The short answer is: yes! There are several solutions that can avoid damage on the pogo pin. Below are 3 possible options that customers may choose from when designing their device. Please be aware, that a horizontal mating will increase the wear on the plating of the pin and the mating pad. Therefore, the total sliding distance should be kept as small as possible. An increased plating thickness might also be mandatory to meet higher life cycle requirements.

Option 1
Thick Barrel Pogo Pin Design

Option 2
Floating Pogo Pin Design

Option 3
Ball Point Pogo Pin Design

The ball point pin design uses a precision machine ball on the tip of the pin similar to a ball point pen.

Apart from above presented solutions there are also other possibilities, that are rarer. In some instances, you might also want to mate the pogo pin at a slight angle. In these cases, we encourage you to get in touch with us. We are happy to help and consult you how to optimally install the connector.


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