3.5 mm, Ball Point Pin, 2.5 mm Working Height

3.5 mm, Ball Point Pin, 2.5 mm Working Height
Ball Point Connectors
Part Number P5079FP01
Length 3.50
Working Height 2.90
Pin Direction Vertical
Pin Tail Flat
Pin Amount 1
Rated Current 2
Contact Resistance 100 mΩ
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Lead Time 28

Product Specifications

Plunger Base Brass
Plunger Plating Nickle/Au
Barrel Base Brass
Barrel Plating Nickle/Au
Spring Base SUS
Housing n/a
Rated Current 2 A
Rated Voltage 12 V
Contact Resistance 100 mΩ
Spring Force 60 g ± 20%
Life Cycle 10000



Ballpoint Design Contact Pin for Rolling and Rotating Connection

P5079FP01 is the predecessor of P5079FP04 which was discontinued. P5079FP01 offers an improved design with a better life cycle and performance. This connector is also available through our distributor N&H Technology.