The Best High Current Connector on the Market

Why Crown Spring Connector

In the last couple of years, fast-charging technologies have improved significantly. Driven by the demand in the automotive industry to charge their batteries, the technology has evolved. But it is not just the battery that often poses a bottleneck. Delivering huge amounts of power in a short time is also an issue for the connector.

The goal for CCP was, to develop a design that significantly reduced the contact resistance, thus reducing size and heat, and at the same time making the mating process as easy as possible.

Our new crown spring design does exactly that.High Current Connector

Where to use a high current connector?

The connector is designed for a variety of applications. They are currently used for Amazon's warehouse robots or Tesla's fast-charging terminals. They are especially efficient if you are looking for a connector that where performance matters: High Current, Low Resistance, Low Insertion Force, Low Temperature Rise. Automobile charging connectors often require those attributes. But also in other sectors, such as aviation or military, are important application fields.