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We Apply the Following Environmental Standards:

RoHS Lead Free

QC 080000 Hazardous Substand Control

ISO 14001 Environmental Policy

CCP Contact Probes follows a strict supply chain management. Our suppliers must follow local regulations and comply with RoHS and environmental protection standards. We expect our suppliers to employ the same high standards as CCP does. Most of our suppliers are located less than 20km from our factory. That helps us to decrease the environmental impact of transportation and helps us to employ:

  • Regular and Random Supplier Audits
  • Regular Third Party Tests of Supplied Materials


We follow the RoHS regulation of the European Union:


Built to Last
Everyday millions of devices get disposed because of early defective parts, often a defective connector. We are committed to build connectors that outlast the lifetime each and every product they are made for.
Recycling and Reuse
Waste Reduction
Water Usage reduction
No Use of Hazardouse

Environmental Control Items

Parts RoHS Test Items RoHS Test Items
Plastic 10 Halogen, PFOA, PFOS, HBCDD, Red Phosphorus, Sb, PAHs, TBBPA
Plating 10 Plating
Metal 4 Metal
Packaging 10 Packaging
"We test our products at least once annually by an independent third party" Joeson Chang, Head of QC Dept.
Responsible Sourcing
We are deeply committed to uphold human rights and protect those who are most vulnerable to exploitation and violence. CCP has taken steps to prevent conflicting minerals from getting used in our products. Those steps include a rigid control of our suppliers by requiring them to guarantee the source of their materials. Violation of this leads to an immediate termination of the business relation.

The main minerals from Conflict zones:

Conflict Zones:

Quality - Environmental Policy