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Quality - Testing Equipment

Agilent E5071C
This vector network analyzer is used to veryfy simulation results in a real world environment.
Ansys HFSS
This program simulates the performance of our products for high frequency applications.
Tektronix DSA8200
This device is used to measure the voltage and current signals over time
IConnect and Measure Xtractor
Used to perform analysis with our Tektronix equipment.
Chroma 63102/A
The Chroma 63102/A is a programmable power supply unit that is mainly used for research and development.
Chroma 62012P-100-50
This DC power supply is extremly stable. Its power range from 600-5000W makes it very versatile for test and development of new products.
Product Name
The test machine measures and records the spring force and the contact resistance.
Temperature & Humidity Chamber
To create repeatable environmental conditions for numerous product lines.
Multi-Purpose Environmental Data Logger
Thermal Shock Tester
The test machine measures the impact of temperature variations on the product performance.
Product Name
This machine is used to measure the impact of sweat and other electrolytic substances on the product
Life Tester
Check the durability of the pogo pin, including the damage situation of the plunger and fatigue of the spring.
Hitachi S-4800 SEM
The electron microscope is mostly used in the development stage to research different material characteristics.
Metrohm814 USB
SB Sample Processor with one workstation for the automatic processing of routine samples in series with small to medium quantities.
Zeiss Axiolab 5
This microscope is used to observe the coating and base materials of our probes.
ASTM F2357-04
This abrasion tester is used to test the durability of our platings. Special platings can sustain the wear over a longer time.
This Inerferomter is used to test the surface of our probes. Its great level of detail helps us to finde production mistakes even on a nano-scale.