Testing Standards

Electrical Performance

Testing Items Reference Document 
LLCR, Contact Resistance EIA-364-23
Insulation Resistance EIA-364-21 
Dielectric Withstand Voltage EIA-364-20, Test method B 
Current Rating EIA-364-70, Test method 1

Mechanical Performance

Testing Items Reference Document
Contact Retention EIA-364-29, Test method B
Durability EIA-364-09 
Spring Force EIA-364-04 (Normal Force Test Procedure) 
Random Vibration EIA-364-28, Test condition II 
Mechanical Shock EIA-364-27, Test condition A 


Environmental Testing

Testing Items Reference Document
Humidity EIA-364-31, Test method II, Condition A 
Salt Spray EIA-364-26, Test condition B
Temperature Life  EIA-364-17, Test method A, condition 4, Test time condition A
Thermal Shock (Cycling) EIA-364-32, Test condition VIII
Resistance to Solder Heat EIA-364-56, Procedure 5, Level 2



Testing Items Reference Document
Drop Test Refer to Drop Test Standard of Molex
Side Force Refer to Side Force Standard of BENQ
Solder Ability EIA-364-52