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Environmental Protection

Our strategy is to stay one step ahead of official requirements by implementing an active environmental management system and continuously improving our environmental standard.

Green product development
  • Environmentally friendly design process
  • Efficient equipment
  • Green supply chain management
Green manufacturing
  • Air pollution management
  • Water management
  • Waste management
Energy conservation policy
  • Efficient lighting system
  • Recycle
  • Free vegetarian lunch

Social Contribution

CCP makes every effort to practice social responsibility methods, and we take it as an important part of sustainable development.

Children's Summer Camp
Family Care
Child Education Tuition
Community Contributions
Employment Engagement

To ensure the safety and health of our employees, we follow a safety management system to set goals, maintain employee awareness and provide a healthy and hygienic work environment.

Environment Monitoring

CCP monitors the environment and inspect the physical and chemical factors on site. To practice the related law, we improve personal safety with engineering and administrative methods.

Employee Training

Employees are the most important assets of our company. Therefore we take Employees' training very seriously. Beside skills for work and daily fire fighting knowledge and action, we hold environmental safety lectures annually to advance the consciousness for safety, sanitation, and environmental quality.

Health Management

Newly registered employees will be arranged for physical examinations. All of the employees are arranged for annual physical exam. Workers in special working environments, who exceed the standards of special exam for specific working environment, have to take specialannual physical exam and be reported to governmental examining institution. Aforementioned exam will be included into database for personal health instruction, health management and tracking.


According to safety and sanitation organization and self-monitoring regulation, CCP set up the self-monitoring plan and self-monitoring management procedure. Self-monitoring action will be employed by supervising departments to prevent danger to ensure environmental and production safety.

Environmental Safety Check

For medical emergency equipment, CCP continuously take efforts to maintain the cleanness, lighting and ventilation of the environment.

Social Responsibility