High Speed Cable

Direct attach cable QSFP DD AWG30 cable
Network Cable Presentation
Product Introduction
DAC SFP 25Gbps Cable Interior Detail
SFP 25Gbps
25G Ethernet DAC Cable
Ultra-thin DAC Cables with wire gauges between 26-32AWG and up to 5m lengths. Compliant with SFF8431 & SFF8432 cable.
DAC QSFP 100Gbps Cable Interior Detail
QSFP 100Gbps
100Gbps DAC Network Cable
Ultra-Fast 100Gbps QSFP Cables with up to 5m lengths. Apply on data center and server for signal transmission stability and reduce the interference.
DAC Oculink 16Gbps Cable Interior Detail
OCuLink 16Gbp
Oculink 16Gbps Cable
Standard 16Gbps Oculink Cables directly from the factory with wire gauge of 30AWG.
DAC Slimline SAS 24Gbps Cable Interior Detail
Slimline 24Gbps
SAS 4.0 24Gbps
We provide the wire size 32AWG and 28AWG specifically you want. Compliant with SFF8564 high-speed cable also operating SAS 3.0 & 4.0 specifications provides for PCIe applications.

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