Company Spokesman
Lance Chen

Consolidated Financial Statements

Unconsolidated Financial Statements

Monthly Revenue

(In Thousands of New Taiwan Dollars)
Month Net Revenue YoY Change Edit
January 338,472 28.00%
February 201,648 7.07%
March 284,717 27.50%
April 245,467 22.49%
May 354,030 63.45%
June 329,675 41.00%
July 304,349 15.04%
August 276,202 3.32%
September 300,036 7.58%
October 191,787 -22.11%
November 216,540 -20.79%
December 234,835 -23.09%
2022 Total 3,277,091 10.61%

Organization Chart

Organization_ Chart_EN


Management Information

Chih-Feng Chen
Chih-Feng Chen
Set up and execute the company's important strategies and plans.
Eddie Tsai
General Manager
Eddie Tsai
Strategic planning of R&D and sales activities.
Lance Chen
Lance Chen
Public announcements and endorsements.
Hans Lee
Sales Director
Hans Lee
Strategic planning of sales activities.


Stakeholders Related Topic Communication Channel Situation Contact Window Edit
Investor Annual report, Website

1. Issue annual and financial reports through the website
2. Hold stakeholder meetings

Lance Chen

Employee Welfare Committee, Company internal, Website staff training, New staff meeting

1. Provide equal opportunities for each employee.
2. Provide a comprehensive compensation system for employees
3. Hold irregular lectures.

Sally Lin
Human Resources Manager

Client Customer satisfaction questionnaire

1. Design green products to reduce harmful substances.

Hans Lee
Director of Sales

Media Website/email

1. Disclosure of operational information monthly.
2. Unduly disclose operating results and targets.

Lance Chen

Supplier Purchase contract, Interview questionnaire

1. Promote green supply chains.

Rock Huang
Head of Procurement

Community Website/email

1. Set environmental and sanitation procedures.
2. Stay in close contact with the community.
3. Help the poor nearby.

Simon Li
Director of Planning

Government Document, Group meeting

1. Participate in meetings held by the supervisory body.

Louie Liu
Director of audit

Shareholder Service

2022 Shareholder Meeting
Year Time Place Edit
2022 9:00 a.m., Fri. June 24, 2022 CCP Headquarters (6th Floor, No 8, lane 24, Ho Ping Road, New Taipei City)

Information of Shareholders' Meeting

Investor Conference Presentation

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Dividend Information

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Stock Service Agent

Tel: +886-2-2314-8800
Add: 4F., No. 2, Sec. 1, Chongqing S. Rd Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100, Taiwan (R.O.C.)