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Testing Solutions
Discover our capabilities in the testing of semiconductors!
IC Test Spring Contact Probes
IC Test Probes
80 Designs
Our IC Test Probes are suitable for pitches of less than 0.12mm.
In-Circuit Test Probes Demonstration Graphic
ICT Test Probes
70 Designs
Our In-Circuit Test Probes are used for all kinds of PCB tests. We offer a standard portfolio as well as customized parts
General Final Test Socket Render Graphic
General Final Test
CCP designs and manufactures custom made test sockets.
Wafer Level Test Socket Render Graphic
Wafer Level Test
Min Pitch 0.12mm
We develop your individual WLCSP design.
Burn-In Test Socket Render Graphic
Burn-In Test
≤ 180°C
Customized Burn-In Test Sockets for temperatures of up to 180°C.
High Frequency Test Solutions Render Graphic
High Frequency (RF) Testing
≤ 77 GHz
CCP designs high-frequency testing probes, coaxial probe sockets, and pressurized conductive rubber sockets.
High Current Testing Solution Render Graphic
Battery Probes
30 Designs
CCP offers a variety of different high current battery testing probes.
Memory Socket and Testing Solution
Memory Testing
DDR SDRAM, Flash, etc.
Standard and Custom test solutions for RAM, Flash and many other memory chips.
High Voltage IC Test Probes Render Graphic
High Voltage IC Test Probes
> 5 Amps
Our patented probe design can carry extremely high currents of up to 5A.
FPC Test Socket Render Graphic
Fine Pitch Connector Test
≤ 0.3mm
Our Ceramic/Aluminum sockets have a lifetime of up to 30,000 cycles.
Kelvin Contact Test Pins
Kelvin Contact Test
0.07 ~ 0.1mm
We offer different tip types for low resistance testing.
ATE Pogo Test Socket Render Grphic
ATE Connecting Solutions
Pogo Tower & Adapter
Customized pogo towers with high frequency capability.
Panel Test Spring Contact Pin
Panel Test Solution
Min pitch 0.45mm
CCP offers special spring contact pins with rounded tips for testing displays.

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