Pogo Pin Application - Speaker Charging Docking

Speaker Charging Docking

The smart speakers serve as a home controlling center in a modern household. A charging docking makes it movable in the house, and you can enjoy your convenient life anywhere. All with just your voice and dream.


Here are the strengths of our docking solution for you, also you could check in the article.

  1. User friendly

  2. Keep playing when you're charging

  3. Waterproof function up to IPX8

  4. Withstand galvanic corrosion with AP plating


Making the product more humane, convenient operating chooses the pogo pin in your solution is the right decision. You could check the speaker. Just drop the speaker onto the docking directly then don’t worry about the tolerance and wasting your time to operate. The innovative structures make the process simpler.

Pogo pin application speaker charging docking


About the waterproof function, with specific plating technology that we developed and customized interior structure, could achieve the IP factor up to IPX8. For very challenging environments we recommend our Super AP Plating which can withstand the effects of Galvanic Corrosion up to 60 times longer.


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