CCP Launches New Website

CCP's new website is featuring a shop system that allows our customers to browse our product portfolio. The shop offers a wide selection of pogo pins/ spring loaded connectors, test probes as well as specialized magnetic and high current connectors.

In our application page, our engineers will regularly post useful articles, that will help you to get a deeper understanding of the world of connectors. Take a look and leave us feedback!

CCP Establishes New Subsidiary in Japan.

Today's information technology industry is heavily depending on technologies and know how from Japan. Its reputation for excellent quality and immaculate engineering and design makes the country a world leader in the electronics industry. CCP Contact Probes is committed to supporting Japanese companies in their aspirations for ever-smarter designs and technological progress.

Our sales and engineering support office in the heart of Tokyo will help you to develop your new products.

Get in touch with our local Japanese speaking Team:


New 0.07mm Diameter Spring Probe

Small, Smaller, CCP Contact Probes

Our new ultra fine contact probes for pitches of 0.2-0.12mm set a new bar in the industry

A special production process and new materials including a new inner structural design have helped us to reach these levels of miniaturization.  The probe can sustain a current of up to 500 mAmp and at least 500.000 touch downs.

Fine Pitch Probes Comparison

CCP Establishes New Subsidiary in Germany

CCP has expanded rapidly in the past 10 years. An ever growing industry and exceptional innovation power have turned CCP in an international player that serves customers around the globe. To offer our international customers a better and more time efficient sales support we have established a branch office in Langen, just 10 kilometre outside of Frankfurt.

We will also be more present on local electronic exhibitions to showcase our newest product developments to engineers on the European continent and beyond.

CCP at electronica India

CCP will introduce its full portfolio of semiconductor and testing products. Our exciting installations will give you the opportunity to take a close look at our miniaturized products. 

Additionally we will present our newest innovations on the pogo pin connector field, including magnet connectors, water proof connectors and high frequency connectors.

CCP Establishes New Subsidiary in India

India is soon to be the largest country in the world in terms of population. It is an economic powerhouse with top engineering schools and companies. CCP is excited to enter this market full of opportunities and we are looking forward to support customers all over India with our unique products.

Buying Pogo Pin Connectors in India will be easy and our local sales engineering support will help you to find your way through the jungle of options. Get in touch with Hemanth Prakash to find out more how and where to buy pogo pin connectors in India.