7.5mm, 1 Pin, 6.5mm Working Height

7.5mm, 1 Pin, 6.5mm Working Height
Single Pogo Pins
Part Number H096M0-H01C000C
Length 7.50
Working Height 6.50
Pin Direction Vertical
Pin Tail Tail
Pin Amount 1
Pitch 0.00
Rated Current 1
Contact Resistance 50 mΩ
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Lead Time 21

Product Specifications

Plunger Base Brass 36047
Plunger Plating Au
Barrel Base Brass 6304
Barrel Plating Au
Spring Base SUS 304
Housing Black HTN + 30% GF(UL94V-0)
Rated Current 1 A
Rated Voltage DV12V V
Contact Resistance 50 mΩ
Spring Force 110 g ± 20%
Life Cycle 10000


H096M0-H01C000C can be delivered with and without cap.