7.94 mm Pogo Pin, 6.94 mm Working Height, P08824SH1

7.94 mm Pogo Pin, 6.94 mm Working Height, P08824SH1
Single Pogo Pins
Part Number P08824SH1
Length 7.94
Working Height 6.94
Pin Direction Vertical
Pin Tail Flat
Pin Amount 1
Rated Current 2
Max Outer Diameter (mm) 1.98
Contact Resistance 50 mΩ
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Lead Time 28

Product Specifications

Plunger Base Brass
Plunger Plating Gold
Barrel Base Brass
Barrel Plating Gold
Spring Base SUS
Rated Current 2 A
Rated Voltage 12 V
Contact Resistance 50 mΩ
Spring Force 60 g ± 20%
Life Cycle 10000


This double flanch pogo pin features a total length of 7.94mm and a working height of 6.94mm. With 2 Amps continuous current and 3 Amps peak current the pin is suitable for quick charging applications. The pin can be picked and placed by a machine without a cup. The pogo pin can be also used as a replacement for Mill-Max 0921-1-15-20-7X-14-11-0 Series.

The Barrel is made of 2 parts, of which one uses Brass and the other QSn4-3Y. The pogo pin is RoHS & HF compliant.